Lathan Family Historic Photos
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Spc 5 William Clark Lathan Jr just back in camp from a "sweep". Vietnam 1968-1969


Spc 5 William Clark Lathan Jr. helping to spread gravel in a muddy place in his company area. As a Squadleader he was supposed to be supervising but always worked with the guys. Vietnam 1968-1969


Spc 5 William Clark Lathan in his room in Vietnam. Note "Ready Gear" must have been Sgt of Guard or Reaction Team. Vietnam 1968-1969


Spc 5 William Clark Lathan Jr at Camp Schmidt near Pleiku Vietnam. 4th Inf. Div. Band playing a Change of Command. Vietnam 1968-1969


Barracks Vietnam 1968-1968. L>R Spc 4 Dan King (musician), Spc 4 Frank Bearden (Euphonium-radio operator), Spc 5 William C Lathan Jr (flute-squadleader) and Spc5 "Jeff" Gore (euphonium).


William Clark Lathan Jr working out on Cardio Glyde about 2000


William Clark Lathan Jr at the computer around 2000


William Clark Lathan Jr in Bradley David Lathan's bedroom around 2000.


William Clark Lathan Jr. hiking on the Pyrite Mine Trail in Prince William Forest National Park, Triangle, VA. summer 2000.