The Lathan Family
in the
Civil War

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Tredegar Iron Works in Richond, VA
produced over 50% of the Confederacy's Cannon

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Two members of the Lathan family have been well documented in regard to the American Civil War. William James Lathan was a Sergeant in Company D, of the 17th S.C. Infantry and his brother, Samuel Boston Lathan, was a Private in the same unit.

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Sgt. William James Lathan my Great-Grandfather

Pvt. Samuel Boston Lathan my Great Uncle

Second Battle of Manassas

Battle of South Mountain

Battle of Antietam (bloodiest day ever for any American fighting men)

Tredegar Iron Works Richmond VA

I have researched the Lathan family's part in a number of Civil War campaigns. The resulting pages include: Maps, a text description of their part in the battles and photos of the battlefields.

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South MountainAntietamSecond ManassasTredegar Iron Works Richmond VA