James Vaughan

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Revolutionary War Soldier

Service Record from NARA at Washington, D.C.



Pay Roll
James Vaughan; rank not given; w/ Capt. Gideon Ormsby's
Company of Warren's Regt of Vt Militia; paid Dec 28 1778
Manchester (Vt); service Nov 7- 14, 1778; 8 days; 13shillings
4pence; Alarm to the Northward Nov, 1778; pd at rate 2pounds
10 shillings per Mo (torn original probably "Month".
Pay Roll
James Vaughan; rank not given; w/Capt. Gideon Ormsby's
Company of Col. Ira Allen's Regt. of Militia; service days 2;
paid June 2 1781; paid 9shillings4pen; wage per day
1shilling 4pen.; paid per mile for 20 miles
4 shillings for travel; total pay 9 shilling 4 pen;
service on March 22nd (year not filled in); for two Alarms in
month of March, 1780
Pay Roll
James Vaughan; rank of Ensign; w/Capt. Jacob Odel's Company
of col. Ira Allen's Militia; paid June 7th 1781; wage per day
4shillings 3 pin.; paid 2pounds 19 shillings 6 pen.; paid 4 pen.
per mile; traveled 80 miles; amount for travel 1pound 6shillings
8pen.; total pay 4pounds 6shillings 2pen.; 14 days service;
Alarms starting the 11th of Oct, A.D., 1780.
Pay Roll
James Vaughan; rank Ensign; w/Capt. Jacob Odel's Company
of Col. Ira Allen's Reg't. of Militia Vt.; dated April 12 1782
Bennington, Vt.; wage per day 4 shillings 3 pen.; 11 days
service; wages 2pounds 6shillings pen.; miles traveled 40;
travel pay at 4pen. per mile 1pounds 3shillings 4pence;
total pay including travel 3pounds 1pen

Source Notes:

D.A.R. Membership Application File# 566794, dated, Aug. 2, 1974. Josephine Compton Vaughan Hawthorn. Wife of: Hubert Franklin Hawthorn, 2560 Hazel, Beaumont, TX 77002.

In her membership application, she states that she is descendent from James Vaughan. Further, she states that James Vaughan was in Capt. Giedon Ormsby's Co. in Col. Warren's Reg't. of Militia in service to the State of Vermont on Alarm Northward in Nov. of 1778. And that he also served in, Capt. Ormsby's Co., Col. Allen's Reg't. of Militia in March of 1780. She also states, that he was an Ensign in Capt. Jacob Odel's Co. in Col. Ira Allen's Reg't of Militia for Vermont by Alarms Commencing on Oct. 11, 1780, and as Ensign in Capt. Odel's Co. in Col. Allen's Reg't of Militia, service done the State of Vermont on Alarms northward commencing Oct. of 1781.

She lists her sources as, N.A.R.A. records and VT records for the above data. The N.A.R.A. records were researched by, William C. Lathan, Jr., site owner, and agree with her filing.

Of possible interest to visitors to Manchester, Vermont, she stated that James Vaughan's name appears on the, Revolutionary War Heroes Monument located in the center of the town. He is listed as a Soldier, Ensign and Minute Man in the State of Vermont.

She also states the following that James Vaughan's Will was Probate, in August of 1819 at Manchester, VT. There is another date listed after this date for the Probate, Sept 1830, there is no explanation of this date. She states that the, Final Accounting of Administrator, was filed on, March 7, 1831

Historical Note on Revolutionary War ranks: An Ensign was a standard or flag carrier who was always near, usually beside, the commander of their unit. He was usually a junior officer or senior non-commissioned officer. His purpose was to be a visible rally point during the smoke and confusion of battle. It was a risky job as he and the commander next to him were prime targets. By killing the Ensign the enemy had a good chance of creating confusion.

Sources for military records held by N.A.R.A. and D.A.R. Membership Applications: Research of William C. Lathan, Jr.