Samuel Teater

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Samuel Teater was a Revolutionary War Soldier

Samuel Teater was Capt. of Fort Teter on the western frontier in Pa. and was Commandant of Fort Doddridge in 1782. He had confirmed militia service during the American Revolution from 1781 through 1783.

Fort Doddridge was a Blockhouse built on part of Samuel Teaters's property. The location was at what is now the corner of Seventh and Commerce St. in Wellsburg, WV. This blockhouse is mentioned in a list of forts and blockhouses in a northern West Virginia in a web site for Brook County, which at the time of the Revolutionary War contained what is today Wellsburg, WV. Fort Dooddridge is mentioned about half way down the second paragraph:

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He is mentioned in, The History of Augusta County Virginia, by J. Lewis Payton, as Captain of Fort Doddridge.

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States that Samuel Teater's middle name was Gibson.

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French and Indian War Soldier

Samuel Gibson Teater was also a soldier in the French and Indian War. He was, at that time, from Washington County Pa. He is listed as a Fighter in the French and Indian War and a Frontier Fort Commander/Commandant with the rank of Captain. He had French and Indian War service from 1755-1759. He campaigned from Braddock to Forbes.

Samuel Gibson Teater served as Captain at Fort Duquesne and Fort Monongahela. He also served under John Dagworthy in Forbes' expedition against the French at Ft. Duquesne in 1758. He was present at Braddocks defeat in 1755, and was under Geo. Washington's command. He was also at Grant's defeat during the taking of Fort Pitt, 1758.


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