Jeorgt Dieter / Teater

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According to, Pennsylvania German Pioneers, by Straussburger, p. 17, 19, published lists of signatures on lists 10B and 10C, Jeorge Dieter (Teater/Teter) came to America aboard the ship Allen from Germany in 1729. The name of his wife is unknown. According to a listing in, Henckel Genealogical Bulletin, Spring Issue, 1972, p.87, published by the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel Family Association: Editor, Mrs. Bert Hartger, 3812 Flagler Ave., Key West, Florida, which quoted p.151, from The Kentucky Teater Family. He lived n the Valley of Virginia on the Opequon River in present day Berkeley Co., West Virginia.

Source of Birth, Marriage, Death: The Kentucky Teater Family, H. Glen Teater, Howard Teater, Patsy Teater Benton. Pages 151-153.

Source: Many records of the Teater and Davis families came from the collection of E. Harlow; 340 S. 100 E.; Brigham City, UT 84302-2604