William Melugin

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Indian Wars
War of 1812

William Melugin served in the Regiment of the Davidson County, South of the Ohio River and Mero District Mounted Militia in 1794. He also served in Captain William Anderson's Company, Lt. Colonel Isaac Robert's Regiment, 1794 (National Archives). He sold acreage on Stone Lick Branch, October 3, 1804 and moved to Williamson County. He appears on Tax Rolls of that county, 1800, 1805, 1811, and 1813. He removed to Hickman County, TN with the Gee family where both located in Dog Creek area. He began to buy land from the state of Tennessee making purchases in 1814, 1815, 1817, 1832, and 1834. According to Land Office Records, State Archives of Tennessee, in 1821, he purchased the property of David Gee, Sr. (recorded in Deed Book). He served as an Ensign in the Tennessee Militia, enlisting in July of 1812 from Hickman County, TN. William died between January of 1834 and September of 1835, as he preceded his father in death. He was probably buried on his farm. His children adopted three different spellings of their surname.

Source: A Memorial To The Melugin Family Of America, by Douthitt Melugin McKay, Aikin Press, Box 23066, Austin Texas.


Territory South of the Ohio River, Mero District:

No. 43204104 Private William Melugan (sic)

Muster Roll of a detachment of cavalry in the service of the United States, Southwest Territory under command of Captain David Henry, in the Militia of Mero District commanded by Major Thomas Johnson. Transferred to this detachment 11-17-1794 to 12-9-1794.

No. 43208929 Private William Malugin (sic)

Pay Roll, Captain William Anderson's Company,
lt. Col. Issac Robert's Regiment, Militia of Territory South of Ohio River. Term of service, one month. March 1, 1794 to March 31, 1794.
Amount of pay: $3.00

Source: The National Archives and, A Memorial To The Melugin Family Of America, by Douthitt Melugin McKay, Aikin Press, Box 23066, Austin Texas.

War Record 1812 - 1815

William Malugin, Ensign, 36th Regiment, Hickman County, 24 July 1812, commanded by Captain Thomas Griggs who was commissioned 22 January 1812.

National Archives; File No.......... Cards 7128, 7205, 7255, and 38458243:

James Malugin/Malughan (sic)

Private, 1st Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Col. Dyer's) Tennessee Volunteers, Captain Joseph Williams' Company and Captain Cuthbert Hudson's Company.

Mustered into service, 28 September 1814
Expiration of service, May 14, 1815; 7 months, 7 days.

Pay Roll dated at Nashville. Pay per Month: $8.00
Traveling allowance: $1.75. Allowance for pay of horse, 40 cents per day, 219 days $87.60 Total amount of pay: $147.15

Nashville April 27, 1815

I certify that James Malugin, a Private in my brigad of Tennessee Volunteer Mounted Gunmen has performed a tour of seven months in service of the United States, that his good conduct, subordination, and valor under the most trying hardships entitle him to the gratitude of his country; and he is hereby Honorably Discharged by his General.

(signed) John Coffee

Historical note on definition of the rank, Ensign: An Ensign was a junior officer about equal to what is now called a Second Lieutenant.

Source: Records of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and RECORD OF COMMISSION OF OFFICERS IN TENNESSEE MILITIA, 1796 - 1815, reprint 1977 by Genealogy Publishing Co. (extracted by Douthitt Melugin McKay in her book, A Memorial To The Melugin Family Of America, Akin Press, Box 23066, Austin, TX .)