Lillie Melugin

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Lillie Mae Melugin was a school teacher and school principal in the public schools of Ft. Worth, Texas. She retired in 1948. She then moved to Lampasas, Texas. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Her last home was: 203 Board Street, Lampasas, Texas. This house was razed about 1986 and the property sold by her husband who then moved in with friends in Evant, Texas. This move was due to his advanced years, 92 or more at the time. The house was very old and needed a great many repairs which would have cost more than the value of the house at the time.

A personal note: This anecdote is remember from a camping trip to Big Bend National Park, TX. in the early 1960s. My Aunt Lillie was around 70 years old at the time this happened. We were camped in a field owned by one of Elton Lewis' friends near Marathon, TX just North of Big Bend National Park. There was a windmill nearby with a large open topped water tank sitting on the ground next to the windmill. After I helped her shoo the cattle away from the attached watering troughs, she asked me to leave the area while she was bathing and swimming. The others were walking in the prairie nearby looking at wild flowers and catus. After she dressed and returned to the camp site she shared the following: She said that both she and her sister had known Martin Luther Lathan while he was in ministerial school and both had been "interested" in Martin Luther Lathan. She said that her sister had obviously won the chase. She further commented that Martin Luther Lathan had been a fine man. Then she added that it was alright in the long run that Sadie (her sister) had ended up married to Marthin Luther Lathan because although she had lived alone for many years and had no children of her own, she had hundreds perhaps thousands of children that she had taught that were "her kids". Then quickly she added, "I have Elton Lewis and he's a lot of fun."

Lillie Melugin helped pay for, William C. Lathan, Sr., college education. They were, without a doubt, each others favorite. She was smart, a lot of fun and always on the go.

She was known to drive her 1927 Durant onto the playing fields of the schools she taught at while "coaching" the various athletic teams. A heavy green lap robe from Lillie Melugin's 1927 Durant Automobile is in the possession of William C. Lathan, Jr.

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