Archelous Melton
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Archelous Melton is possibly the father of Ansel Melton (Jr) born 1762. This has not been totally proven as yet. This doubt is caused by a lack of records and confusion about the use of the suffixes: Jr. and Sr. One must remember that the Jr. and Sr. relationship did not necessarily mean father and son when used in this time frame. Instead, in this time frame, it can and often did mean only which was the older living person with that same name in the community. So although, Ansel/Anson, brother of this Archelous Melton used the suffix, Sr. it did not necessarily mean that he was the father of Ansel. He may have used the suffix, Sr., only to signify, the older living Ansel Melton. If that was the case then Archelous may have been Ancel/Ansel Melton's father if one considers the note below.

Archelous Melton signed the Marriage Bond for Ansel/Ancil's(sp?) son William J. Melton Sr. in 1817 to Loucinda Wilmoth in Wilson Co., TN

There is an Archelous Melton d. abt. 1829, age 90+ years, who came to Warren Co., TN, thought to be the son of Robert Melton and possibly the father of Ancil/Ansel Melton b. 1762 NC, d. 1843, married abt. 1790 NC to Mary Huffman who also came to TN before 1810.

Anson Co., NC. (Deed book?) H2:319 April 3, 1802. Sold 40 acres to Archelus Melton from Wm. Hulen, both of Chesterfield Co., SC. Robinson Lewis Geaney witness. (No location given, but adjacenies are (given as) Cunningham, Jarmon & Rainey). The April Court of 1802.

Anson Co., NC. (Deed book?) H2:526 March 19, 1803. 40 acres for $25 from Archelus Melton to Jeremiah Lewis, Jr. of Anson Co. Jeremiah Lewis, Sr. and Sarah Reed Witnesses. (Again no location given, but was listed as "ditto" meaning same as above; adjacenies were Cunningham, Jarmon & Rainey--Must have been the same property). April Court 1803.

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