Anson/Ancel/Ancil Melton

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Anson/Ansel/Ancil Melton (Sr.) is thought to be the father of Ansel Melton (Jr.) by some researchers although this has not been proven to my satisfaction as yet.

Also, see, Archelous Melton, who also could be the father of Ansel Melton (Jr.). Neither Archelous or this Anson/Ansel/Ancil Melton (Sr.) have been totally proven to be the father of Ansel Melton (Jr.). It is my feeling that Archelous Melton is the correct man. Please see the Biographical pages for Ansel Melton (Jr.) and Archelous Melton for a better explanation of my reasoning. Which is, in brief, that one must remember that the, Jr.- Sr., relationship did not mean the same thing in this time frame that it means today. In the time of these men it meant only that one was the older man and had the same name. This was a common practice in communities with a number of related individuals with the same Surname and Given Name. It did not mean the the two individuals were necessarily father and son.

Records in Moore Co., NC (formed in 1784 from Cumberland Co., NC) 1785 and other dates, indicate: Anson/Ancel Melton lived on Wet Creek: 1790 U.S. Census Moore Co., NC p44, Fayette Dist.

Orange Co., NC Deed Book 13: p.179, 11 Dec 1806. Lists, Ancil Melton of Orange Co., NC sold to Daniel Johnson of the same county 300 acres on Dry Creek & Little Alamance. It is possible this land was a state grant to Ancel Melton. Proved 1808

Source: Notes of Jan Melton

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