William C. Lathan, Jr.

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My full name is, William Clark Lathan Jr. I have no idea where the "Clark" came from before it was part of my father's name. Perhaps it came from a Rev. Clark that I once read about who was a controversial minister. He was accused of a series of crimes against his Presbyterian denomination but eventually was acquitted. Equally likely is that it was the name of some local church member or officer that my Grandparents admired. Regardless, I am not aware of any other use of, Clark, by any Lathan.

was born in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday, September 7th 1947, at around 6 pm. My family and I moved soon after my birth from Baltimore, Md., where they owned a home, first to Armistead Village (Prince George County, Md.?), then Greenbelt, Md. (one of the first "Planned Communities" in the country), Rockville, Maryland, where I started grade school and then to Viers Mill Village of Silver Spring, Md. My family and I lived there about five years. I attended Viers Mill Elementary School for five years, second grade through sixth grade.

My father who had worked for Social Security Administration in Baltimore transferred to the National Institutes of Health. During this period we attended a number of churches but New York Avenue Presbyterian in Washington D.C. was where we settled. In 1960, my parents bought a home in Manassas Virginia. I lived there until my marriage in 1971, with the exception of periods of absence due to school and military service.

In 1966, I graduated from Stonewall Jackson Senior High School (old site) and entered the U.S. Army as a musician (flute). After three years in the Army including a year in the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam I returned home briefly then attended Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City Tennessee from 1969 to 1971. During the 1970-71 school year I discovered that I had a progressive hearing loss and decided that a continued music career was hopeless. I married a former classmate from Carson-Newman and moved with her to Bayview Apartments in Woodbridge Virginia while working for the Prince William County School system's roads and grounds division.

In 1973 we, my wife and myself, moved to Staffordboro Mobile Home Park and a few months later I took a job with the U.S. Postal Service (late 1973). In 1980 we moved, buying a town home in Jefferson Place in the southern end of Stafford County. In 1985 we again moved, this time to the White Oak area of southern Stafford County and we lived there until mid 1986 when my wife and I separated. I kept that property until July of 1989 when it was sold and I moved to Occoquan, Virginia. I lived there until December of 1991 when I moved to Triangle, Va.

In 1995 my youngest son, Bradley David Lathan, moved in with me and I became a "Single Custodial Father"... a new and sometimes demanding roll. As time went by we moved to larger digs in the same apartment complex. In 1998, my older son William C. Lathan III, was discharged from the U.S.A.F. and moved in with Bradley and myself. This necessitated another move. All of my kids including both of my sons and my daughter are adults. Two of my kids, Bradley and my daughter Mary, now live with their mother. Bradley has had his own place from time to time but at this time, late 2006, is living with his mother in Dumfries as is my daughter Mary. Will (William Clark Lathan III) lives nearby in his own apartment.

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