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Prior to 1800, Robert Lathan/Leathan emigrated to Charleston, S.C. After staying one year in Williamsburg County, S.C., he moved to Lancaster County, S.C. and then settled in Fairfield County, S.C. in the Wateree section near what is now known as White Oak. His land transactions are recorded in the S.C. Dept. of Archives and History in Columbia under Fairfield County Deeds on microfilm rolls C307 (Vol. II, pp. 29-31, 123-124 and Vol. LL, pp. 507-510), C303 (Vol. U, pp. 270-271,276-277), and 158 (Vol. LL, p. 317). After the death of his wife, he moved to Tipton County, TN, to live with his daughter, Sara McLerkin.

Tombstones in Salem Cemetery, Tipton County, TN
Robert's stone reads:

"In memory of Robt. Lathan who departed this life Feb. 15, 1842 in the 83
year of his age.
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea sayeth the
Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them"
(Revelation 14:13)

Sarah's reads:

Consort of Jas. McClurkin & daughter of Robt. and Nancy Lathan
Died Feb. 17, 1855
Aged 63 years" (Also quoted Rev. 14:13)

James' stone reads:

"James McClerkin
Born Jan. 1, 1790
Died Dec. 21, 1866
Blessed are the dead... "

Note: Photos of these tombstones are posted on this site. Click "Photos" page then "Thumbnails 2"
Tombstone Inscriptions in the Lathan Cemetery
near White Oak, S.C.
1- Sacred to the memory of Nancy Lathan, daughter of Robert and Agnes Lathan
who departed this life August 25th 1832 aged 24 years 11 months & 13 Days.

2-Sacred to the memory of William Lathan son of Robt and Agnes Lathan who
departed this life Dec 18 1831 aged 29 years 6 months & 11 days.

3- Sacred to the memory John Lathan who departed this life the 22nd March
1849 aged 55 years 2 months and 16 days. He was justly esteemed as a
husband, a father, a christian & a ruling elder in the Church of Christ
"Blessed are the dead who dies in the Lord"

4- Sacred to the memory of Agnes Lathan wife of Robert Lathan who departed
this life May 27 1829 aged 63 years & 10 months

5- Sacred to the memory of Jane C Lathan dau. of Robert & Agnes Lathan who
departed this life May 4 1829 aged 17 years 4 months & 4 days

6- Sacred to the memory of Mary Lathan daughter of Robert & Agnes Lathan
died Sept 10 1805 aged 5 years, 6 months & 18 days

7- In memory of David J. Young born July 5 1818 and died Oct 16 1848
Map to Cemetery and Tombstone Photos
There is an image of a map to the Lathan Cemetery in Fairfield County, S.C. and photos of the tombstones. To view this map and photos go to the "Photo" page and then the "Historic Thumbnails" page.

Notes by website writer:
I believe it may be interesting to explore exactly why, how and with whom this emigration took place. I have found a number references to Robert filing for citizenship in both Chester and Fairfield Districts. I hope to explore this in more detail if and when I get to personally explore the South Carolina Archives in Columbia.

However, I may already have part of the how, and with whom. There is a reference on page 73 of the Fairfield County Court Records (Wills) stating Robert Lathan was mentioned in the will of Samuel Waugh. He also was a witness to the recording of this will on 21 Oct. 1794. It would be interesting to dig out the relationship between Robert Lathan and Samuel Waugh as Robert Lathan's Mother was a Peggy Waugh of Ireland. Also interesting, is the fact that a John Waugh was a buyer at the estate sale of Samuel Waugh on 10 April 1795. So about the time that Robert Lathan emigrated the Waughs were apparently settled in South Carolina and had established at least a small estate. Perhaps the Waughs were at least part of the draw upon Robert Lathan which brought him to America.

Transcription Of Citizenship Papers
Robert Lathan dated April 14, 1812
Page 1

South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
Fairfield District To the honorable David R. Evans

The humble petition of Robert Leathen - Showeth - That your petition was born in Ireland a subject of the King of great Britain, that he immigrated to this country, landed in Charleston on the fifth of December 1788 and hath continued to reside in the state aforesaid ever since that time, that it is his bonafide intention to become a citizen of the United States of America, and that he has resided at least five years previous to this time in this state within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United State and one year at least in this State.

April 14th 1812 Your petitioner therefore prays your honor that he may be made a citizen
Agreeable to the act of Congress of the United States in such case made
And provided

(signed Robt Lathan

Page 2

We the subscribers do hereby certify that Robert Leathen who now petitions to be made a citizen has resided twenty years previous to this time within the limits of the United States and at least one year within the limits of this State and that he has behaved himself as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States and well desposed to the good order and happenings of the ________(unreadable).
14 April 1812
(signed Saml. Johnston)
( Mathew Johnston)
( William Boyls)

Page 3

(signed and written sideways on the page as an outer sheet when folded in thirds to go in an envelope)

Robert Lathan
Petition for
Citizenship ---
April Term 1812
D.R. Evans Judge

Certificate made out &
Delivered to petitioner

$4. Fees paid in _______(unreadable)

Page 4

South Carolina At a court of common pleas holden
Fairfield District at Fairfield Court house on the third

Monday after the fourth Monday in March in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve and in the thirty sixth year of AMERICAN independence, Robert Leathen being sworn, upon his oath declareth and says that it is his bonafide intention to become a Citizen of the United States that he has resided __________(unreadable) years previous to this time within the limits and under the jurisdiction of this State and that he does abj___(unreadable) and forever renounce all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, State or sovereignty whatever and particularly to George the third King of great Britain to whom he was a subject and that he will preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States and of this State and that he is attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same-----

Sworn in Court Robt. Lathan
15th April 1812

(signed, unreadable


Another set of citizenship papers for Robert Lathan dated, Oct. 24, 1832, exist but appear to be for a different but possibly related man. If related the man must have been a close cousin. This is confirmed by research done by Chris Russell (contact me for his Email address). According to his research this Robert Lathan born in Belfast in 1793 and came to the U.S. in 1819. His father was named William Lathan. His mother's name is unknown by Mr. Russell. This Robert Lathan married Margaret McClintock sometime before 1823. This line left the Chester/Fairfield County area sometime before March 6, 1846, when the birth of Grandson took place in Indiana.

(Earliest land deed discovered for Robert Lathan)
South Carolina. This Indenture Made the 4 day of august in the year of our Lord. One thousand Seven hundred and ninety Six and of the Soveriegnity and indipendance of america the twentieth. Between Alexander McDowel, Senior of Fairfield County, Camden District and State aforesaid of the one part and Robert Lathan of the County District and State aforesaid of the other part. Witness that Said Alexander McDowel for the Consideration of the Sum of Fifty Pounds Sterling hath Granted bargained told released Conveyd and Confirm asaid by these presents doth Grant Bargained told an hath release Convey and Confirm unto the Said Robert Lathan in ___ actual posession now by virtue of a bargain and Sale to him therein made for one year by and Indenture of Lease Bearing date the day next Before the day of the date of these presents and by force of theStatute for transferring uses into posession and to his heirs and _____ Forever all that tract of Land Containing one hundred and fifty acres being part of a tract Containing two hundred and fifty acres Situated and being on a Branch of Wateree Creek in the County aforesaid bounded to the North East on McLeans Land Southward on Hugh Smiths Land on all other Sides on Land at that time Vacant and the Land Shape Form and marks as appears by a plat that to the ______ a_____ which Grant was Given unto _____ _______ ________ ____________ S C in and over these provinces aforesaid and the ____ Great Seal of the Said province bearing date the 17th day of March AD 1775 duly Recorded in the Secretaries office in Book WW(?) _____ page 342 Reference being thereunto had will morefully appear together with all and singular the rights members and appurtinasices whatsoever to the Said tract of one hundred and fifty acres Belonging or in any wise appertaining and the reversion and versions remainder and Rents _____ and protects thereof _____ all Estates rights titles interest posession profit ____ and _____ whatsoever there in Law or Equity of hierthertosaid Land tract of one hundred acres of Land hereby Granted and released __ Intended to be thereby Granted and Released with their and every of their appurtinances unto the Said Robert Lathan his heirs and assigns forever and the the said Alexander McDowel his heir and Every of them the Said tract of one hundred and fifty acres of Land with their appurtinances unto the Said Robert Lathan his heir and asigns against ___the Said McDowel his hers and Every of them and all other persons or persons whatsoever Claiming onto ______ from under him them or any of them Shall __________ warrant and forever Defend By these presents _____________________ where of I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this _______ date and year above written Signed Sealed and Delivered ________

___________________ his
__________ Alexander X McDowel
______________________ recorded 15th
April 1812 mark

Jane X McDowel

________ South Carolina Fairfield District

______________ appeared before me Jas Wright and made oath as the________________ that he was personal present and Said the within __________ represents for the witness written purposed unto Robert ______________ _______ said the said McDowel sign the above Receipt ___________ ____________ money within mentioned and also said Alex. ______________________________ self the Deposant
____________________________________________ March 179__
______________________(bad copy quality) of the ___________________
__________________________(bad copy quality) being the full Consider-
________________________________(bad copy quality) _____ present
(one or more lines unreadable-these and the above were black apparently due to a copier problem)

Sources: Citizenship papers-South Carolina Archives, Tombstone inscription for Robert Lathan and photo of tombstone-Robert Farris of Rootsweb Tipton County TN email list, Lathan Cemetery location and inscriptions and deed-George Moore of Chester, S.C. (a cousin), photos of Lathan Cemetery-William C. Lathan, Jr.