Robert Boston Lathan

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World War I

Robert Boston Lathan was a WWI veteran. He served as a Sergeant in the 82nd Division of the American Expedionary Force in France, 1917 - 1918. Among other actions, he was in the Meuse-Argonne offensive. Near Verdun he was injured by a German poison gas attack. He was still recuperating in and army hospital when the amistice was signed.

Follow the war he returned to Troy, TN and then later moved to Union City, TN. He met his wife in Union City TN. He moved to Chicago, IL because of his job with an insurance company. In May of 1926 he married Ruth Marshall of Union City, TN in Chacago, IL.

He was raised by a friend of the family, James Russell. Robert Boston Lathan named his son James Robert Lathan to honor "Uncle Jimmy", James Russell.

Source: James Rober Lathan, son of Robert Boston Lathan