George H. Moore

George H. Moore graduated from Chester High School in Chester, SC in 1950. As a young man he was a Boy Scout and rose to the rank of Eagle Scout with one Palm in 1946. After high school he attended Clemson College from 1950 - 1954 with a major in Mechanical Engineering. He did not graduate at this time.

He was accepted into the U. S. Air Force Aviation Cadet program on October 20, 1954 at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. In June of 1956 he was commissioned as a 2nd Lt and pilot at Reese Air Force Base, TX.

He was then transferred to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ as a Co-Pilot of B-47 aircraft. In 1960, he was a member of the first group of 1st Lieutenants to become an Aircraft Commander. He was transferred to Hunter Air Force Base, GA while flying C-124 transports during the period 1963 until January of 1965.

He was then assigned to Vietnam to flying O-1 aircraft as a Forward Air Controller. During this period he was also an Instructor and taught two classes of Vietnamese pilots. Later during this time period he was assigned to Xuan Loc, again as a Forward Air Controller and was shot down on 2 November 1965. From October 1966 to April 1966, he was assigned to fly for a Special Forces unit in Vietnam. Interestingly, while in Vietnam he was assigned to the U. S. Navy aircraft carrier Midway for a week and flew several missions with their aviators.

He left Vietnam in April of 1966 for a three year assignment in Germany where he was Chief of Base Operations and Training during the period 1966 - 1969. Following this assignment, he was sent to K. I. Sawyer Air Force Base, MI, where he flew the B-52H during the period 1969 - 1974. In 1970, while assigned to Sawyer, he flew B-52H aircraft out of Utiopa, Thailand in support of U.S. troops in Vietnam. During the period 1973 - 1975 he was Chief of Safety.

In 1975, he was assigned to Castle Air Force Base, CA as Chief of Safety and in 1977 was sent to Maxwell Air Force Base as Director of Safety for the Air University of the U.S. Air Force.

He attended numerous training courses while in the U.S. Air Force and a number of colleges. He graduated from Orange College, CA in 1977 with a BA in history and a minor in business.

He flew more than 500 missions over Vietnam totaling more than 900 hours of combat air time. During his Air Force career he accumulated about 6000 hours total military flight time. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Air Medal with 22 Oak Leaf Clusters, the U. S. Air Force Commendation Medal with one Oak Leaf Cluster, the Purple Heart, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, Combat Readiness Medal, the Vietnamese Service Medallion with two Bronze Stars - pending the Silver Star, the U.S. Bronze Star and the Airman Medal.

During his Air Force career he flew: PA-18 (in "Civies") couldn't find a military photo, T-6, B-25 Mitchell, B-47, C-124 Transport, O-1 (Forward Air Control), A-1, C-47 (military version of the DC-3), F-4 (Phantom), B-52 and T-39 aircraft.

George retired from the U.S. Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel, on December 1, 1979 and returned to Chester, SC. For a while he helped his father run his farm and later bought out his father's beef cattle operation and ran it for ten years. After the death of his father he has lived in his father's home just outside Chester, SC. having bought the other heirs' interest in the home. Active in the community he attends the Presbyterian Church and has been President of the Chester Lions Club and both the President and Treasurer of the Chester District Genealogical Society in Chester, SC.