Stephen Eakin
According to: Botetourt County Marriages, 1770-1853, by John Voght & T. William Kethley, Jr. Volume 2: Stephen Eakin married Martha Walker who was the daughter of William Walker and the niece of Robert W. Walker on August 1, 1826. William Walker, Martha's father, posted the bond. According to the 1840 U.S. Census a Stephen Eakin is listed as living in Jackson County, Illinois and his occupation is listed as a teacher. According to Lewis Ripley, Stephen sold the land he inherited in Virginia from his father to his brother and moved to Jackson County, Illinois somewhere between 1830 and 1840. According to the 1850 U.S. Census Stephen Eakin was residing in Jackson County, Illinois. He is listed as age 49, occupation as farmer and birthplace as Virginia. Residing with him are: Martha W. Eakin-wife-age42-birthplace Virginia. John Lett, an unrelated farm laborer, Robert S. Eakin a son age 16 birthplace Illinois, Eleanor Susan Eakin a daughter age 13, birthplace Illinois. Mary A. Eakin a daughter age 10, birthplace Illinois, Sarah F. Eakin a daughter age 8 birthplace Illinois, Joseph H. Eakin a son birthplace Illinois, and Stephen P. Eakin age 2 birthplace Illinois.

According to the hand written Family Record dated 7 February 1915 compiled by Curtis Doan Eakin, "Grandfather Eakin died at 73 years of age in 1874, cause typhoid fever, sick 3 weeks, previous health good.

In the 1870 U.S. Census for the Northern Section, Jackson County, Illinois, Stephen (Aiken) Eakin, is listed as a male, age 69, who was born in Virginia and who's occupation is retired farmer. Residing with him was Sara age 58, who was born in Virginia and who's occupation is listed as keeping house.

According to the Illinois Marriage Index, Stephen Eakin married Sarah Imhoff, 9 April 1855, in Jackson County, Illinois. This is approximately six months following the death of his first wife Martha Wood Walker.

Death information came from Eva Ford Grizzard and the Eakin Archives maintained by Ernalee and Curtis Eakin.

Source for Stephen Eakin date and place of birth: Eva Ford Eakin Grizzard and Ernalee Eakin

Source for cause of death: Same as above. Cause of death was typhoid fever died at the home of his son R. S. Eakin


Know all men by these presents, that we Stephen and Virlinda H. Eakin both of the county of jackson and State of Illinois, have made, constituted and appointed, and by these presents do make, constitute & appoint Joseph Eakin and Hillary Ripley our true and lawful attorneys, for us and in our names, and for our use, to ask, demand, sue for, recover and receive, all such sum, or sums of money, debts, goods, wares, and other demands whatsoever which are or shall be due, owing, payable and belonging to us by any manner or means whatsoever, especially, to any and all business in the settling of our father's estate to wit: Nathan Eakin, or collecting any monies due or that may become due to us or to sue for and collect the same, giving and ---- our said Attorneys by these presents full power and authority, in and about the premises, to have, use and take, all lawful ways and means in our names for the purpose aforesaid and upon the receipt of any such debts, due or sums of money, or ___(illigibile)_ __ __than sufficient discharges, for us, and in our name, to make and give. And generally to do all other acts & things in this same whatsoever, needful and necessary to be done in and about the premise for us and in our names, to do, execute and perform, as fully and to all instincts and purposes, as we ourselves might or would do, if personally present, and attorneys, one or more under them, for the purpose aforesaid to make, constitute and again at pleasure to revoke. We hereby ratify and confirm, all and whatsoever our said attorney shall lawfully do, in and about the premises, by virtue hereof.

In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this the 10th day of August in the year of our Lord 1847.

Daniel H. Brush (seal) (signed) Stephen Eakin (seal)
John G. Sparks (seal) (signed) Virlinda H. Eakin (seal)
State of Illinois
Jackson County
I Daniel H. Brush Clerk of the Circuit Court of Jackson County aforesaid do certify that on this day came before me Stephen Eakin and Verlinda H. Eakin , personally well known to me to be the real persons who executed the above power of Attorney, and acknowledged that they freely and voluntarily executed the same for the uses and purposed therein expressed. In witness where of I herewith set my name and affix the seal of the said Court at Murphysboro this 10th day of August A.D. 1847.

(seal) (signed) Daniel H. Brush

Botetourt County Court Clerk's office, 13th of September, 1847. This Power of Attorney with the certificate of acknowledgment therein written was this day, exhibited in said office and admitted to record.

Teste. Wm. Robinson, D.C.

Researched and Transcribed by: Ernalee Eakin