Redmond Eakin
Redmond Eakin's Will, filed in August of 1781, stated in part, "at which time he set out to join the army in order to perform his tour of duty, where he took sick and died three days after returning home on leave. (due to his illness)".

Redmond Eakin's widow, Eleanor, remarried. Botetourte County Court Records, on April 13, 1784 state that, Jonathan Martin (apparently the new husband) was appointed guardian of, Hanah, Jane (Eleanor Jane) and Isabella, orphans of Redmond Eakin.

Source: Botetourte County, Virginia Will Book A, pp 138 & 139.

Jonathan Martin was given possession of his (names not listed) stepson's property, sold it and removed to Ky. He died testate leaving all his possessions to nephews and nieces.

Source: Daughters of the American Revolution Application Numbers: 668903, 595185 A.669 filed by, Mrs. Irene Ewing Hoss Bachner

Source: DAR records listed below, and the Warren S. and Josephine I. Ely Memorial Collection of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

Also on April 13, 1790, William Eakin, who was said to be a son of Redmond Eakin was recommended to the court of Botetourt County Virginia to be a Capt. in the Militia.

Neither of these men are listed with the other orphans who's custody was given over to Jonathan Martin. No Joseph Eakin, son of Redmond Eakin, is listed anywhere. There is of course the possibility that Joseph had already reached his majority. William would have been about 14 years old. However, it is still strange that the Step-Father got possession of the property if either son had reached his majority.

Source: Summers', Annals of Southwestern Virginia, page 439., A Joseph Eakin was on April 13, 1790, recommended to the Botetourte County Court to be a Leut. of the Militia. He claimed in this court record to be a son of Redmond Eakin.

Source: All data researched by, William C. Lathan, Jr.