Charles Eakin
Charles Eakin was a laborer at the Earles-Cleary Lumber and Shingle Co. According to census records he listed himself as a Sawyer. He was listed in the 1910 city directory as living in at 810 26th Street, Bellingham, WA. In the 1920-21 city directory he was listed as living at 805 25th Street, Bellingham, WA.

Source: R. L. Polk's Bellingham and Watcom County Directory for 1910

The 1910 U.S. Census, Watcom County, Washington, listed: Charles E., M, W, 52, Head of house, Married 28 yrs, Born ILL, Father Born Va., Mother Born ILL; Fenella, wife, F, W, 43yrs. 8mo., Married 28 yrs., 6 children born, 4 children living, Born ILL, Father born Ohio, Mother English; also listed were Leslie, son, M, W, 15, not married, Born Kansas, Father born ILL., Mother born ILL; Sarah Hattie, Dau., W, 13, not married, born Kansas, father born ILL., Mother born ILL.; Rupert, son, M, W, 24, Married 2 yrs., born Kansas, father born ILL., Mother born Ill.; Edna, dau in law, F, W, 23, Married 2 yrs., born Kansas, Father born United States, Mother born United States. (note-United States was used as place of birth if exact state was not known by individual answering the Census Taker's questions. Obviously, Edna did not answer the questions. Note: Alice Fannella Eakin, born: June 10, 1909, is not listed. The reason for this oversight is not known.

Source: 1910 U. S. Census, Watcom County, Washington. (Look-up by William C. Lathan, Jr.)

Charles Eakin died of an accidental gun shot wound while cleaning a pistol. (this according to compiler's Mother, Grandmother and Grandfather) The newspaper account of his death stated that the gun exploded while being put into a drawer. A third account said he deliberately shot himself, this from another relative.

Source: William C. Lathan, Jr., compiler of this family history.