Alice Eakin
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Alice F. Eakin, died at age 78. She was a retiree of Phillips Petroleum Co. and a longtime resident of Bartlesville, OK. She died at 6:05PM on Thursday in the Geriatrics Division of Jane Phillips hospital following an extended illness. Grave side services will be held at the family plot in White Rose Cemetery under the direction of the Neekamp Golden Rule Funeral Home. Rev. Mike Schlittler, associate pastor of the First United Methodist Church officiated.

Miss Eakin was born at Buffalo, KS., June 10, 1909 to Rupert V. and Edna M. (Badgley) Eakin. She made her home in Bartlesville where as a young woman she was employed as the office manager for the Morning Examiner (newspaper) for a number of years. She went to Phillips Petroleum Co. in January of 1948 and retired from the Marketing Dept. in 1974. She continued to live in Bartlesville after her retirement.

She was an active member of the First United Methodist Church and had served as secretary of the Administrative Board for many years. She was a member of United Methodist Women and member of two guilds, serving as co-chairman of the Lois Skavlen Guild and secretary-treasure of the Ester Guild. She was a member of the Fidelis/Dorcas Sunday School class. She was a life member of the Jane Phillips Sorority a former member of the Monday Bridge Club. She helped organize and served as the first president of the Desk and Derrick Club. She was a volunteer with the Mutual Girls Club where she had served on the Executive Board. She had also been a volunteer at this club's Mutual Bargain House.

She asked that remembrances be as contributions to her memory to the Mutual Girls Club or a favorite charity.

She is survived by a sister, Mrs. Hugh (Marian) Celander of Park Forrest, Ill.; and several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents and a sister, Mrs. Clark (Fay) Lathan.

Sources: Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise, obituaries November 22, 1987, p.6; and November 23, 1987, p.3.

Alice Eakin had suffered Polio at an early age, well before more modern treatment and had a very slightly paralyzed leg. If observed VERY carefully one could tell a slight limp when bare footed. Massage during the early period of the disease prevented further problems. By wearing "heals", common wear for business women of her time, no one could tell of her Polio. She was an "organizer" and "go getter" in her various clubs and her career. During the 1960's she was sent on a cross country trip by her then boss at Phillips to check on the customer treatment of company owned stations. She was well known by the higher level executives of the Phillips Petroleum Company and I have seen a number of photos taken of her in the company of the various Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Phillips Company. At one time at least one of these photos was on display at the company's museum, "Woolorock Ranch", just outside Bartlesville, OK. Although she was at times "catty" with my mother, who reciprocated, she was a woman who's achievements I admired. She seemed to me to be "the power behind the man" in regard to her bosses at the Phillips Company and knew all the leaders of the company personally.

She was an avid Bridge player and was good at and enjoyed entertaining. Although never married she was always as busy with her friends and clubs as any mother or wife. I do not believe that she ever sat down during any of my half dozen visits to Bartlesville unless she was driving or reading the newspaper.

During her parents later years she was the one who was always there to care for them and always did so with great competence.

If one choose to describe my Aunt Alice with two words they would be: ACTIVE & COMPETENT

Sources: Personal recollections of the compiler of this family history, William C. Lathan, Jr.