Jane Elizabeth Davis



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Jane "Jenny Elizabeth" Elizabeth Davis was the second wife of Rev. William Taylor Melugin. Where she lived after the death of her husband is not known for certain. However, she is listed in the Melugin Bible as having died in the Polytechnic area of Ft. Worth, TX in 1925. It is very likely that she was living with one of her daughters and most likely with Lillie Mae Melugin. Lillie Mae Melugin was a school teacher at various schools in Ft. Worth, TX. and according to William Clark Lathan, Sr. she lived in the "Poly. Section" of Ft. Worth, TX. at about the correct time. There is a separate Biographical Page for Lillie Mae Melugin and for her husband Edgar Elton Lewis who lived more than 100 years and had a fascination life.

Source: U.S. Census, interviews with her Grandson, William C. Lathan, Sr.