William Arthur Burgiss
The 1920 U.S. Census of Hamilton County Tennessee, lists William A. Burgiss as the son of David A. Burgiss and his wife Annie E. It also states that William A. Burgiss was 3 years 5 months old on January 15, 1920 (date of enumeration). He lived in Hamilton County, Second District , 313 Curtis St., East Chattanooga, TN

Census listing: 1920 Tennessee, Hamilton County, Second Dist. Part. Of, enumeration dist# 215, page 7-A, dwelling 109, family 110.

William A. Burgiss was a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

William A. Burgiss occupation machinist for Southern Railroad.

Cause of death was injuries resulting from being struck by a drunk driver while changing a tire.

Source: Interviews of wife Mary Lou Melton and daughter Myra Sue Burgiss and Census records at the National Archives.

Notes from a Conversation
Sunday Feb. 27, 2000
William Ronnie Burgiss
William Arthur Burgiss' eldest son

When asked if he was old enough at the time of his father's death to remember his father, William Ronnie Burgiss said that he could remember his father well.

When asked about his father's occupation he stated that he had worked as a machinist for the railroads in the Chattanooga Round House.

He also stated that his Dad, William Arthur Burgiss, had talked to him and shown him a road he helped build while working in the Civilian Conservation Corps. He said his Dad pointed out drill/jackhammer marks on the rock face along the road and stated that he had drilled those holes for explosives that were used to blast the rock out of the way for the road. William Ronnie Burgiss said it was his understanding that the CCC Company his dad had been a member of had it's headquarters in Silco, TN but that they mostly lived in a smaller camp at or near Tellico Plains, TN. This, Tellico Plains Camp, was closer to the work site. Furthermore, he said his father had told him he worked on building the bridge over Bald/Ball River Fall, TN while a member of the C.C.C. This area is in the general vicinity of the White Water River Competition during the Atlanta Olympic Games.

William Ronnie Burgiss said the road ran from Tellico Plains, TN almost to the N.C. state line toward the "Fish Hatchery" in the direction of what he thought was Haw Knob. He believes it may be in what is now the Tellico Wild Life Management Area, but he is not sure.

He state that to his remembrance his Dad was a man of smaller stature than other sources say. He said that he thought him about 5'9" and about 130#. Lanky.

He also stated that his Aunt Dot (Dorcas Burgiss) had told him that his Great-Grandfather, William Alfred Burgess/Burgiss, a Civil War soldier had been a practicing Quaker. That could explain William Alfred Burgess/Burgiss' desertion of duty that appears on his Civil War record.

Reseacher Note: In regard to the question of religion having an part in the desertion of William Alfred Burgess/iss from the Confederate Army, later generations of this family including his children were and are members of the Southern Baptist Church.