David Arthur Burgiss
Source: 1920 U. S. Census, Chattanooga, TN, Hamilton County, Vol. 32, ED 215, Sheet 7, Line 68.

David Arthur Burgiss is listed in the 1920 U. S. Census for Chattanooga, TN. He and his family lived at 313 Curtis, Chattanooga, TN. They owned the home.

His interment record at Greenwood Cemetery listed his date of interment, Oct. 30, 1945 and his age as 70 years of age.

The 1920 U. S. Census lists occupation: Steam fitting - Fred Cantrell Co.

Age at time of 1920 U. S. Census was 44 yrs.
Source: 1910 Census for Hamilton Co, TN, Enumeration Dist. 92, page13-B

Listed occupation as: Odd Jobs

Address listed for 1910 Census: 112 Curry St, Hamilton County, Chattanooga, TN. They rented the home.

Also list next door: Henry Bankston age 33 with wife and 3 children. Apparently an In-Law. David Burgiss' wife was maiden name Bankston.

Source: 1900 Census, Hamilton Co., TN; 6th Civil Dist.; enumeration dist. 46; page 162 Dwelling 223, family 246.

Listed with Marquis La Clark and wife Emma and May J. Burgess, a sister-in-law and Annie, a sister-in-law and (subject using middle name) Arthur, a brother-in-law and Lenard Burgess, a nephew.

David Arthur Burgess listed his occupation as: Sawyer-pole

Marquis La Clark owned the home they lived in. He was born in Indiana

Source: 1880 Census, Hancock Co.; Center Twp; Indiana; Vol. 14; enumeration dist. 193; sheet 10; line 45

David Arthur Burgiss/Burgess is listed as the son of William A. Burgess and Lucinda his wife. He was listed as 4 year of age.

Source: Date of death, TN State Certificate of Death
Source: Cause of death, Tuberculosis, TN State Certificate of Death