Fun Links

If any link doesn't work or takes you to a site other that what I've described please EMAIL me about the problem.

Steven Coonts - techno thriller author

Dale Brown - another techno thriller author

Dialectizer - FUNNY, translates web pages or text into funny dialects.

Darwin Awards - True stories of people doing and saying things that prove that the human species is not always moving forward, FUNNY.

Potomac Pedalers Bicycle Club - a bicycle touring club for riders of all abilities, weekly rides, ride schedule

How Stuff Works - If you like to know "what makes it tick" this is the place.

Hamster Dance - You should know this one... the cute little hamsters dance to music.

Joe Cartoon - Interactive cartoons, some in wonderfully bad taste.
*Not all of Joe Cartoon is suitable for young children*

The United States Army Band - Official site of the United States Army Band at Fort Myer, VA. Lists schedules both when at home and on the road nationwide. Lots of free concerts. I was a bandsman but not in this band.

The United States Marine Corps Band - Official site of "The President's Own", the Marine Band. Lists schedules of free concerts nationwide.

The United States Navy Band - Official site. Lists the usual, including free concerts nationwide.

The United States Air Force Band - Official site. List the same as above.

Write Your Congressman - This site helps you find addresses to write your congressperson and figure out who your congressperson is and how to contact him/her.

United States Congress - Official site of the U.S. Congress. This site has a very similar search as, Find Your Congressman, page but I listed both because this has more stuff that the Find Your Congressman page.

United States Senate - This site will help you find your Senator and contact him/her.

The White House - Official site of the U.S. President and Vice-President. Includes lots of press release stuff and most importantly... email addresses for the President, Vice-President.

United States Postal Service - Official site. Lots of useful stuff about getting the most from the Postal Service. Track "delivery confirmation" from this site.

Bible Gateway - Site is a Bible study resource. Study aids. Many languages and translations.

Nave's Topical Bible - Online version of famous study aid. Well built site for students of the Bible. Also includes a Bible dictionary.